Sample Sale: Men's Woven City Slipper in Charcoal

$87.50 $175.00

Why Sample Sales? 🤔

Sample Sales are our way of giving tried-on shoes and slightly-rejected QC shoes another chance. They're perfectly wearable, durable and are in like-new-condition, but cosmetically, they didn't make the cut for full-price.

Because of these reasons, they're marked down to a fraction of the price. Instead of tossing or recycling these, which involves a lot of waste and energy, we'd much rather see them on people's feet! And, not to mention, provide our shoes at a lower price point compared to our regular collections.

Break-In Your Pair of Mohinders to Make Them Uniquely Yours ✨

Some break in quickly, and some take a bit of time. Regardless, they do break in beautifully, developing a dark and rich patina, becoming softer, and form-fitting to your foot.

Handmade with perfect imperfections ✨

There can be slight variations in color, scars on the leather, and certain imperfections. Embrace the imperfections and know that most of them will diminish or disappear with wear and time. If something is really bugging you, let us know and we'll work something out.

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