Image of the Joyce Entrepreneurship Building exterior


The University of Windsor highly values and actively supports research and collaboration with industry, non-profit, government organizations, and community partners. Our world-class researchers collaborate to bring new ideas and technologies to the local, national, and global markets.

The Research Partnerships  team also manages the  University of Windsor ’s Intellectual Property (IP), an d service contract portfolio by drafting  mutually benefi cial and sustainable partnership agreements

Our Core Services  

  • Industry- Researcher  C ollaboration I nitiate and sustain  industry  partnership with an expert in the field at the University.

  • Community Engagement A ctively engage in  making University research expertise  and infrastructure more  accessible to the community.  

  • Leverage Funding : I dentify the relevant external funding opportunities to support your collaborative project.  

To connect, please reach out to the  Research Partnerships Team .

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